How much money pilot make?

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Depends on the country and type of pilot.

From what I hear, if you plan on becoming an airline pilot in the united states, it will take time to make money. The average starting age of a first officer is in the early 30's (after college, flight school, racking up enough hours, passing all certifications, etc.). Most probably, you will be in your late 40's by the time you start as a pilot making a decent salary flying jets (I'm estimating that's around 65 K). Also, keep in mind its a very demanding career for the buck you get paid.

I'd much rather aim for becoming an aerospace engineer. Much faster career growth, and more pay. But you've gotta have a passion for Calculus and airplanes.

Zaphod Beeblebrox:
The answer is not simple. It depends on what country, the type of aviation company they fly for, how long they have been a pilot, and the type of airplane they fly. Nobody starts out at an airline, so that right there should tell you that starting wages are not high. Salaries range from very low (close to poverty) to quite high, but on average it is a lot less than the average outsider thinks and it takes a long time to earn a wage where one is not always struggling financially.
Gary B:
What company pilot work 4?
Some flight instructors make less than US$ 1,000 per month –
They are lucky to find students to earn a little bit of money –
And they all have a second job every night serving burgers at McDonald's –

I know that regional airline first officers in USA can be paid as little as US$ 20,000 per year –
Then I heard some senior captains boast some US$ 250,000 per year –
Minus income tax… so they make less than $200,000 take home pay –

Andy C:
'How much money does a pilot make?'

It depends on who they work for, like anything else.

Pilots start for small commuter airlines and work their way up
Many of the small airlines start at $20,000 per year or less
Piloting what?
Pilsner Man:
Pilot make many money.
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check it depends on what company they work for and what type of planes they fly and whether or not they are regional or national pilots
pilot make much money