How much money would insurance cost on in Missouri if I buy a 2006 truck that was $7,000?

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owen: It depends if you pay cash for the truck or finance it. IF, you finance, then whatever it will cost will be double, since you will be required to buy collision and comprehensive (till paid off) and liability. If cash, can buy only liability.

Insurance is based on age, driving experience, any past tickets or accidents. It is also based on zip code, plus your credit, if bad higher, if good is lower.

Get the picture? Call an agent and ask, then you will know if you can afford or not.

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I knew people from Missouri tended to be a little dense but you're totally clueless. The cost depends on your age, gender, your driving history, credit history, the make and model, where the vehicle will be parked over night and how far you commute to school or work every day. Only an insurance company can give you an accurate quote based on that information. If you're under 18, all I can tell you for sure is that it will probably cost more than $250 per month.
It really depends on your own experience and your record. I would say somewhere from 100-200$ A month with a clean record would be a good bet. CAll around to insurance agencies and you will be able to get quotes from them on an estimated price
No one here can tell you even a close range.. insurance is based on age, gender, diving history, and location of the stored vehicle. Also other factors like what insurance you want and or need.
It will be somewhere between a few dollars to a few thousand dollars per year..
The only way to get a better idea is to ask an insurance company.
It will cost anywhere between $5 and $5,000 per month.

That's about as specific as you'll get here. That's especially true with your lack of any useful information.