How much should I sell my car for?

I currently have a 2005 Tiburon i would like to sell, I would like to know a reasonable asking price for it. The paint job is bad now it has about 158,000 miles, the tires on it are new and it runs good. I have our new door handles inside and out . I know they no longer make tiburons so what sounds like a fair price.?

Best Answer:

Michelle: Private party value, depending on the package and condition, is between $1000 and $2500.

Other answer:

4 VALUATION sites on the internet. LOOK IT UP.

Deduct $800 for the paint.

kbb,nada, black book and Edmunds.

Cars have 3 values, retail, wholesale & private party. In 3 conditions, avg, rough & clean. If a site doesn't have private party value, you avg wholesale & retail & divide by 2.

It can take months to sell it on your own for private party value even if its priced right.

The new door handles add a total of ZERO value.

The fact that they don't make them anymore is already included in the market values. No extra work needed.…

You can find the current market value of your Hyundai quite easily, Michelle.

GO on kelly blue book and look it up,why the fk you expect us to do it for you,