How much would it cost for 3 adult tickets on Amtrak Train Station going to Los Angeles, CA from Fort Worth, TX?

I tried on the website and it was really confusing and i got really frustrated so this was my next option. Please, can someone just tell me exactly what i need?

Thanks 🙂

Other answer:

The website currently has a bug that causes the prices to go a bit too high when booking for two or more people. This happens when one room is left in the current price bucket. It will erroneously charge you additional rail fare.

I recommend calling Amtrak customer service at 1-800-USA-RAIL. An agent can book your rooms for you and verify the price is correct.

The price varies – depending on the time and date of the service, your age, and the class of service you want. That is why it is confusing – but the only way to find out what your ticket will cost is to put your details into the website.
james f:
Amtrak's website is pretty simple to navigate I agree with Richard A
Richard A:
If you find the Amtrak web site confusing, maybe you shouldn't be riding the train…



These are the prices, depending on which train and what service you want…