How safe is cold water, tipped onto an iced car windscreen?

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Chris cc:
Cold water tipped anywhere is not safe at. It is safe all nestled and protected in a nice container, but once tipped out can be ravished by an animal, sunshine, vegetation and maybe even zombies! It will also instantly go into a state of suspended animation if tipped onto a froze substrate. That is not safe at all, poor water!

Windscreen will be okay though.

What for, to ice it up even more? When I was in the south once, apparently the locals did not have ice scrapers when it got cold. So they would throw a cup of warm water onto their windshield, which quickly turned into a sheet of ice.
Chris P:
Safe for you? Very.

Safe for the car? Might shatter, more likely to freeze – causing even more ice to form on the windscreen.

safe but worthless – start car turn on 'defrosters' use a plastic scraper to remove as much ice as you can ,fill windshield washer tank with a winter washer fluid
boy boy:
i have been driving for more than 50 years that time i have thrown warm water over my windscreen thousands of times …never cracked the screen once …but its only warm ..not too warm
Worst case, you have MORE ice on the window.
Best case, nothing happens.

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