How to change a bad alternator on a 2000 Chevrolet Silverado 25oo?

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Advertise on CL for someone to do it. I think I paid $40 the last time I had one put on. Plus $35 for a used alternator from a junkyard that had a 1 year warranty the same as a rebuilt one that cost 3 times as much.
Step 1) Remove old alternator.
Step 2) Install new alternator.

If you need more direction than that, you're probably not competent to do the work anyway. Take your truck to a REAL mechanic and pay to have it done right the first time.

Do a search on youtube for the vehicle and motor size video to show you what you need and what to do. Don't buy the alternator on line. Take the bad one off and go to Advance Auto to match up the mounts, connectors and pulley. Have you checked the fusible links (big fuses) in the engine compartment fuse box already? One of them can blow to protect the electrical system and the alternator won't work if it's blown.
Hillbilly OJ:
First disconnect the positive side of the battery {red side}

2. Loosen tensioner on serpentine belt and take it off the alternator, you can leave it hanging on everything else

3. loosen bolts to alternator.

4. Disconnect wiring harness from alternator.

5 Finish taking bolts out of alternator {before you just loosened them}

6. Do everything in reverse to put new one on.

J E T H R O:
Simple 1/2 hour job. Its right upfront and easy to get to.
Go to a repair shop
which engine, the info you supplied is worthless,

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