How to get a perfect launch in a drag race?

I have a 2011 mustang V6, manual. At the start there is either a lot of wheel spin or a loss in power in the middle of the first gear. How would I do it perfectly? (traction control is off)

Let me know if you need more details

Other answer:

1) warm the tires up first
2) launch from about 5400, let off the gas 1/4 to 1/5 then floor it again
3) wait about 1.3 seconds and shift to second (fast) without losing RPMs (until the clutch is out)
you'll shave life off your clutch (not much though) however if done right your rears wont spin and your clutch will grab the flywheel (when you lose power mid first your just burning your clutch.. notice that funky smell?) and if you have something on the dashboard.. make sure it isn't heavy cause it will hit the rear windshield like a shot.
practice. it will become second nature.
Of course this is coming from someone with AWD (quattro) so.. traction on launch isn't an issue, unless I wanna do an awd burnout.
High revs and feather the clutch so there is just a bit of wheel spin.
put the car in gear press the clutch down all the way rev it up and let off the clutch

this damages your clutch tranny axles pistons con rods and crankshaft

Practice and timing. There's nothing more to tell.

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