How to get cheap insurance for a teenager?

So I'm 17 and about to buy a car. I've checked quotes online for car insurance and they all range from $400-$500 a month! I heard there was a way to be under your parents' insurance or something to pay a lot less.

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You heard wrong. There is no such thing as "being under" anyone else's insurance whether it is parents, Uncle Joe, Aunt Mary or yahoody. . Why? Because each vehicle must be insured with its own policy and only the person with an "insurable interest" can insure the vehicle and further, the insurance company needs to know who the *principal driver* of that vehicle will be. This all means that even *if* someone else who has an insurable interest in the insures it, the premium will be based on whoever the principal driver will be…..So…it does no good to have someone else insure your car for you.
There is no cheap insurance for a teenager.

You cannot do anything to get it under your parents. For you to get it under your parents, your parents have to contact their insurance company or agent and add you. It will still be very expensive. It won't be cheap. And it has to be done by them, not by you.

I'm 18 I drive an 85 camaro. My first payment through geico is 165 with 250 deductible on comprehensive. I have a separate plan from my mother but when i was 16-17 i was on her car as a secondary driver. Geico honored me being a driver through them and gave me a discount. Other quotes i got were 190 230 a month for that same coverage.
Ps Ive had a ticket for 15 over too
Do you live in the United States? If so, your only choice to be insured by your parent's insurance provider with you are under 18 years of age.

The cost to insure you to be added to their vehicle policy is not going to be cheap. Generally, cost are in the few to several hundreds for someone of your age.

Putting your car under your parents' insurance is insurance fraud and voids your policy. Lots of people do it and think they're being clever. They boast to their friends about how cheap they got insurance. Until they have a claim and the insurance company rejects the claim, cancels the policy and you and your parents can't get cover anywhere.
The only way is to have your parents buy the car(in their name), and buy insurance for it, then add you as a driver. That's the only way.

But by then why the heck would u add your name to it as it'll jack up the premium. I mean i know for liability reasons but geez insurance companies need to open their eyes.

I'm 18, almost 19 and insurance companies want $200+ a month for coverage. The heck? It's almost like paying for 2 cars, since a $15-17k car runs about $300 a month.

Johnny Drama Machine:
There is no such thing as cheap insurance for a teenager.
They are the highest risk.
Linda R:
You can't. Auto insurance, for teens, stays high until the teen reaches 25-26 years of age.
There IS NO SUCH THING as cheap car insurance for a teenage driver.

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