How to pee in a kayak?

How can boys, and girls, pee in a kayak discreetly and without getting their clothes wet? Assuming they are very desperate.

Best Answer:

Cub: it is possible but not recommended. far better to get ashore and relieve self in a discrete fashion or locate a toilet. men have it easier as a wide necked bottle can be utilised. females need a spacial shaped funnel section as used on hospital urine bottles etc.

Other answer:

usual trick is to capsize, have your pee & get back in. This is how the ultra long distance kayakers usually take a dump! A certain amount of skill is needed in the getting back in (of course)
Actually girls ca pee into an open necked bottle too, just not quite as easily as the boys (recommend practising in private first 🙂
Tip the kayak so water comes in and then no one even knows
Larry E:
You don't. Go over and get out and pee behind a tree.

You don't people would know from the smell

Andy C

Pee into a bottle.