How to prevent stalling a manual car?

Best Answer:

NCA6.7: With practice.

Put the clutch in, step on the brake, release the parking brake and shift to 1st gear. Now, take your feet off the brake. Slowly release the clutch and step on the gas. The car will not move until you slowly release the clutch.

When you come to a stop, the clutch always goes in first before the brake. You have to keep your feet on the clutch when you're coming to a stop. Then, downshift back to 1st gear when the car is around 15 mph or when you come to a complete stop.

Other answer:

The first thing I drove was a motorcycle, and my dad only told me to release the clutch slowly, but it kept stalling. Maybe with some vehicles if you just need to creep, but not with a low powered motorcycle. He neglected to tell me that you have to coordinate feeding in the throttle as you release the clutch. That just takes practice.

When he was teaching our mom how to drive (in a 1950 Ford Coupe), he neglected to tell her to slow down for turns. So when he said "turn here" she just cranked the wheel without slowing down and drove off into the ditch.

don't pop the clutch.. let it out slowly
Give it more throttle.

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