How/Where do I go to sign a car title to myself?

I have power of attorney over a 2003 Ford Crown Vic. However, the title is in the name of the woman who sold me the car. How/Where do I go about signing the title to myself so I can sell it properly?

Other answer:

If the woman signed the back of the title, then you take it to your local DMV office and get a new title in your own name.
If the seller handed you a clear signed over title simply take the title to your nearest TX DPS office for title transfer into your name.
Ian A:
Go to a title office.
Take all your paperwork to the DMV. Did she not have the title?
The DMV will tell you what to do or if you need to go back the owner.
call the DMV office and find out what needs to be done. papers will need to be filled out along with your P.O.A proof the car was turned over to you
salad torture:
you register it at the DMV.. you dont need to if you're just selling it.
John Alden:
The DMV office is where you go.