I am 31 yrs old can i become a commercial pilot?

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If you can pass the medical examination and don't have a disqualifying condition or anything in your medical history that would block it, and you have the aptitude and can afford the training, then the answer is probably yes, but your employment options may be limited depending on where you live, what your level of education is, and what sort of commercial pilot you aspire to be. For example, if you hope to become an airline pilot, which is just one of many occupations for commercial pilots, you don't have a lot of time to waste. If you cannot gain sufficient working experience as a pilot after leaving flight school and prior to age 40, then your prospects begin to diminish rapidly. If you live in a country with few opportunities for newly rated pilots to get an entry-level job, you might be too old by the time you do get enough experience to work for an airline. In other words, it depends on far more things than your age and you haven't provided sufficient details.
You can be 70 years old or even older –
If you have a current FAA 2nd Class Medical Certificate, you can become a commercial pilot –
Certainly you CAN become a Commercial pilot. All it takes is time and money… LOTS of money. Somewhere in the neighborhood of $100,000 in US Dollars, and about a years time. Don't quit your day job.

OH… And the ability to pass a fairly easy physical exam.

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