I bought a volkswagen golf for $1000 and on the same day 20 min later after buying it, the clutch blows. I asked for my money back, no.?

i want my money back how can i get it back

Other answer:

Any $1000 car is an old shonker just one fault away from being scrapped. Faults can and will occur at any point and often with little warning.

You were either unlucky or failed to recognise common warning signs of a clutch which is close to failure. Either way, unless the car has a warranty (you won't get one on a car that old and cheap) then the problem is now yours to resolve.

If the rest of the car is really good and things like the exhaust, tyres, brakes and cambelt are all good then paying to replace the clutch may make sense. But if other major jobs are shortly due it could be cheaper and less painful to resell your car as is (as a non-runner you'll be looking at less than scrap value as the buyer has the added cost of transporting the car).

If you bought it from an individual with an "As is where is" sales agreement, once it made it off of the seller's property, it was your car and your expense. If it was through a licensed car lot, most (if not all?) states have a lemon law that unless something is put in writing like "clutch about shot" so that you acknowledge that you knew there were problems, that you can return a vehicle within 24-72 hours depending on state of purchase.
Most used auto sales are sold as is.. many stated have a 7 day period if bought through a dealership but private sales don't have this clause.. if the car was taken to a mechanic prior to the sale this may have been avoided also clutches usually don't just fail if you test drove it before it would have been slipping. So unless you did something to it they give some warning unless they avoided abused they they may just fail.
Did you get a warranty? If you bought it "as is" you aren't getting your money back.
you can give that back. threaten to go to a lawyer if they don't give you another car.