I have a 2001 Ford Escape I was driving down the expressway and my clutch went all the way to the ground how do I fix this help?

Other answer:

this is typical when either a cable fails or we have fluid loss where hydraulic system
we need to locate source of failure in order to get it fixed. a garage would be most likely route of most. if we have decent DIY skill? we can opt to repair ourself. we can still drive a car with NO clutch pedal release. but its not strictly legal and not for faint hearted. ( starting in 1st gear with a bit of gas- then when its rolling -after the jerky start- we come off gas at say 5-7 mph. yank gear lever into neutral- blip throttle to increase revs temporarily and at same time shove gear stick into second as revs drop off) we can repeat process up to and including top gear. when slowing to stop- we need to yank into neutral before applying brakes. if we can't get into neutral? ( it happens) use footbrake to bring car to a halt and stalling engine.
please be aware this should only be attempted where we have clear roads-are stranded rurally etc and no assist is nearby.
Chris P:
Replace the clutch.

You don't sound like the sort of person who can do this yourself, get a mechanic to do it for you.

Replace the leaking slave cylinder and/or clutch master cylinder and bleed the hydraulic system.
Happy Gramps:
1st thing you need to do is look at the fluid level in the clutch reservior
Skoda John:
You get it recovered to a garage who will find out why and give you an estimate.