I have a 2004 Mercury outboard motor, I was fishing the other day and the motor ran fine all day. When I went to load the boat, I put it in?

Gear and hit the hot foot but it wouldn't do nothing but rev up. Can't figure out what the problem is? Anyone had this happen before? Please help

Other answer:

If it appeared to shift correctly into gear make sure the prop is not slipping. But I suspect the shift cable slipped and while the handle may have moved the the cable did nothing and left the engine in neutral.
Sounds like you broke a shear pin that holds the prop in place. I have a Merc and carry spare shear pins. Just raise the prop out of the water of course–you should be able to see if the pin is in one piece—on mine in runs all the way through the prop mounting shaft. If the old one is still there ,it's easy to pull out and inspect.
Small Business Owner in TX:
Pul the prop — likely a broken shear pin (prop hit the ramp) or spun prop hub (same causation). If prop and pin OK, suspect misadjusted shift cable.
Obviously the motor was still in neutral so I would start by examining the cable from the throttle to the motor.
hmmm dont know.