I have a 2014 Ford Fiesta and I m having a strange rattling noise come, from what it sounds like my left front end.?

It didn t start until I drove into the right lane, not realizing it was flooded and I hydroplaned for a bit. I didn t hit anything but I still have a sound I didn t have before and it worries me.

Other answer:

Could be anything and the internet can't diagnose something like that for you as we can't see the car or lay hands on it. Get it up on a lift or to a shop and start inspecting the front end.
rattling is ominous but may in fact be minor issue. check under car on that side for loose broken fixing by tugging/pushing on every thing. if we are lucky..it may just be a broken plastic fastener. however w may need to check into a garage for a proper look an investigation.
Well crawl under there and look for anything loose. Maybe you pulled loose part of the air dam or the plastic shielding mounted underneath.
That is strange. Too bad I can't hear it or have a look from where I'm sitting.