I have a bad transmission mount, should I replace the motor mounts as well?

I own a 30 year old japanese import that I love. Would it make sense to change out the motor mounts as well to avoid a costly repair in the future? The car has low miles for its age but the rubber in the engine mounts still ages right?

Other answer:

To check the motor mounts open the hood and watch the motor as a friend puts the car in a forwards gear and then reverse. If it moves more than an inch the motor mounts are getting old and that makes the flex pipe in the exhaust where out sooner. I'd likely leave it alone if it was my ride.
I would say no – not any more than if your right rear tire went flat you should change your front left tire. Fix it when it breaks, which is likely not to happen.
Yes. Rubber ages with years not miles.
Inspect the mounts. If they are fine, they are fine.
yes why not if they have never been replaced just get it done