I have a CA driver's license. I bought a car in PA – does that mean I have to send my title, and register my vehicle at the CA DMW? Thanks?

Other answer:

No. That is not what it means.. Here is what it means:

1. If you live in PA, then it means you need to get a PA license and register your vehicle at the PA DMV.

2. If you live in CA and the vehicle has "California emissions", is a used car that had thousands of miles on the odometer when you bought it, was bought to replace a CA-registered car that broke down in PA when you were there on vacation, or is exempt from the "California emissions" requirements for some other reason, then it means that you need to take the title and the car together to the CA DMV and register it there. You can't just send the title. They need the car to be there.

3. If you live in CA and it is a new car without "California emissions" and you don't qualify for an exemption, then it means you violated California law by buying it, and it can never be registered by anyone living in CA and cannot be driven while owned by anyone living in CA. You need to sell it to someone who doesn't live in CA.

Obi Wan Knievel:
Yes it does. If you live in CA, it means you can't register / insure your vehicle anywhere else.
Are you a California resident? If so, that is the only US state where you will be eligible to title and register any automobile you purchase.
J E T H R O:
You have to register it in the state you live in.