I have a cousin brother that i sometimes think that he is totally mad actually problem is that he always ride the bike fast rashly and i?

always try to Make him learn that accident will happen nd anything can happen to u nd u will die but he tells i ride normally and my aunt also supports him that he rides good nd u fear in normal speed ,plz tell some solution to teach him a lesson he is older than me i am 23 nd he is 28.

Best Answer:

hasan: since he is a relative, get a life insurance policy on him. $5000.00 'burial policy' may be reasonable price in your area, make yourself beneficiary and show it to him, ask if he's going to die soon by being a idiot rider? Then you'll collect a bit. Usual contrary family members will try to keep you from collecting by staying alive lot longer than you just to deny you some money. Might persuade him to ride a bit safer just to piss you off..

Other answer:

He's a show off. Keep your go pro on and get it on video.
Dimo J:
You can NOT teach anyone anything. Let him ride how he rides. You ride the way you want to ride.
Firecracker .:
Have your sister aunt take his keys.

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