I have my CDL A.. but somehow I don't have my air break endorsement. I passed the written test and have my temp for it… What is my test?

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I also have my combination/trailer endorsement… I'm just confused what comes next… I've done my over the road test already including the walk around and pre trip.. other than having me pump the break and release the air… I don't know what else they would have me do and I've NEVER heard of anyone having a CDL-A without air breaks…

I guess what I'm saying is Ive always been under the impression that a CDL-B class + combo AND air breaks = an A CLASS… and that you couldn't have an A without having both combo and air break endorsements…

In MOST states, a CDL-A INCLUDES air brakes. There is no separate endorsement needed. You are tested on air brakes as part of your pre-trip and behind-the-wheel test for the CDL-A.
you need to take the air brake test in order to get the CDL so you don't need a endorsement since you took the air brake test to get the CDL
As far as I remember, there is no endorsement code for air brakes, just a restriction code.

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