I have noticed that my car seems to be leaking gas near my back passenger side wheel well. Only happens after I fill up; any thoughts?

It s a 2011 ford fusion.

Other answer:

the fuel filler tube is steel… it connects to the fuel tank with a short piece (4-5 inches) of fuel resistant hose which should be obtained from the dealer of the car… the entire fuel filler tube bust be *removed and inspected before sliding the new filler tube connector hose is installed…
make sure your ford dealer has a new filler tube and connector hose before you start this project… napa and or advance auto can also get these parts overnight… be aware your old and a new filler tube also has the vent tube attached to the side… it's not at all unusual for the fuller tube or the vent line to rust out… it's an inexpensive job to replace these parts… the parts themselves are not expensive to buy…
your fuel tank should also be inspected for leaks on the top, sides and bottom… in any event, run your car to get as much fuel out as possible before anyone starts this project…
overflow tube
Big Deal Maker:
Over flow rubber line is cracked. Replace it and you should be good to go.
You are over filling it , or the filler hose is failing
May be a hole in the gas tank or the filler tube.
Time to get it to the car doctor and let him put it up in the air and take a look-see…..Any kind of gasoline leak can be dangerous…
When the pump stops don't try to top it off – my F150 does the same thing (no cap type filler) it is fuel coming out of the overflow tube – nothing to worry about unless you are a tree-hugger.
george 2:
try not to fill it so full. when the pump stops the first time, STOP.
damaged seal, can also cause the safety switch on the gas nozzle to stop prematurely.

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