I have to wear glasses/contacts when I drive. Will I have to retake an eye exam to renew my licence in Saskatchewan?

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No. At least not with every renewal, anyway.

The requirement to wear "corrective lenses" while driving is clearly indicated on your licence card, which means it's your responsibility to make sure your lenses actually correct your vision. If you notice that your prescribed lenses aren't working, you're expected to make an appointment with your optometrist and get the prescription updated. And since that is something any reasonable and responsible person would normally do, there's no need for SGI to keep track of it for you.

You might, every second or third renewal or so, be asked to provide proof that an accredited optometrist has verified that your vision (with corrective lenses) is legally acceptable for driving.

Generally, if you just tell them you need corrective lenses to drive, they will put that on your license without a test. The vision test is to weed out those who who do not wear corrective lenses but should be. At least that is how it worked for me in Alberta, BC and California.
some guy:
Can't speak for Canada but you have to pass an eye exam every time you renew in the US (every 4 years). I would hope so in Canada as well, I wouldn't want to be on the road with people who can't see clearly.
Yes you will…….Or…Get a note from your Doctor that certifies that your eyesight is good to drive.
Not if you pass the vision test at the license agency.

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