I hit a stop sign this morning now my car is messed up what do I do?

I was driving this morning and saw the stop sign but it was luring me into it I can't explain it but all the sudden the stop sign hit my car. My bumper is messed up now. Do I need to contact the city? Shouldn't they pay for my car damage or what? The stop sign needs to be repaired also. Thanks.

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oklatom: The stop sign did not move, therefore it didn't hit you, you hit it. Yes, you need to notify your insurance so they can pay for the stop sign you destroyed, and you need to notify the city with your insurance information.

If you have collision coverage and the damage is more than the deductible, your insurance can help you in fixing your own vehicle, ask them about that when you call them.

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You have to be joking. The stop sign hit your car? I don't think so. You hit the stop sign. If you contact the city they will make you pay for the stop sign you hit. Suck it up and fix your own car as you are the one who drove into a stop sign.
You hit a stop sign. That would be a sign that's stationary BESIDE the road? Not even on the road. You shouldn't be driving if you can't perform basic steering.
What should you do? Hand back your license. You're a danger to everyone else on the road. What will it be next? "I couldn't stop myself from crossing the white live".
A stop sign was luring you to hit it? No wonder you can't explain it.
In a city you never know when you might be on camera. It would be smart to report it before they discover it on their own, identify your car with nearby cameras, and come knocking on your door with a court order to ruin your life.
Lay off the drink snowflake, you are the one who hit the sign, not the sign hitting you. Call your agent and explain that one to him or her, and they will get a good chuckle about your stupidity.
In most areas it is mandatory to report any crash where there is over $2,000. damage to your vehicle, or a personal injury, or when there is damage done to any municipal property (power pole/traffic light/stop or yield sign, etc)
Yes you should contact the city, but all repairs are on you including the cost of damage to city property.
Scott H:
Target fixation. You are responsible for the damage to the sign. The city is not responsible for the damage to your car.
Pay to have the sign fixed.

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