I hit a street sign and drove away, hoping no one saw me. no damage to my vehicle but I feel bad now. what should i do?

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You have two options. Fess up, or spend the next few weeks / months hoping like hell nobody saw you. And if the cops come to your door next week or next month, then you'll know someone saw you. The cops won't listen to your excuses by that time of course, but at least you'll know.

If you step up and admit what you did, people will understand. You won't be totally forgiven, you'll still have to pay for whatever damage you did, but you probably won't face anything more than a minor traffic fine. If you tell a convincing story as to how it happened, you might not even face the traffic fine.

If you wait for the cops to come find you, however, they won't be so interested in your side of the story when they do. They've heard the "I panicked because I was so scared" excuse so many times it's funny, so they won't even ask why. They'll just charge you with failure to remain at the scene, and let you explain it to the judge. And guess how many times the judge has heard the I-was-scared excuse. Then the prosecutor will remind the court that you had the opportunity of how many weeks and months to come forward and do the right thing, and the judge will rule in the prosecution's favour.

In most jurisdictions the penalty for hitting and running doesn't involve jail time, at least not unless injuries or death happened, key word being most. The usual penalty for hitting and running (property damage only) is a few thousand in fines and all driving privileges taken away for around three to twelve months. That's still bad, but not as bad as jail time.

You do NOTHING ,dont go telling on yourself either .Just move on .if you think your the only one who damaged street signs .Your mistaken ,honestly its no big deal Even if anyone saw you .Honestly what do you think is gonna happen ….NOTHING . Your wasting your time and energy flip flopping on this Trust me what you did is nothing compared to what others do and have done
Turn yourself in! It's borderline vandalism and you will get in huge legal trouble when they trace the fallen street sign to you. URGENT! GO QUICK!
salad torture:
you should feel bad for being such a terrible driver. be careful for f*ck's sake. be happy you didnt kill someone and learn how to slow down..
Go back to the sign and apologise to it. It may forgive you and you will feel better.
Love big words:
Contact the city street dept.
Quit telling people about it for starters .. there are Trump supporters out there that will narc on you in a heartbeat