I installed a radio in a ford ranger, the next day the starter went out. Can a Cd player do that?

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It's not likely, but some Ford vehicles including the Ranger have a wire in the radio harness that's connected to the starter system. In the Ranger it's usually a red/black wire. I've seen cases where improperly making a connection to this wire would make the starter begin turning. However, that's usually something you'd notice right away while doing the installation, or while testing the head unit.
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You are jinxed. It's only a coincidence that the starter went out, OR maybe if you played the radio too loudly, someone crawled under your truck and disconnected the starter, in the name of having a quiet neighborhood. It's a conspiracy.
There is a wire that runs from the ignition key down to the starter, thru the different wiring harnesses. If that wire is 'cut', the starter is dead….
No, just a bad starter. What a car audio system can kill is the battery and alternator (not directly the alternator, but makes it over work if the battery is not working properly).
Which part of the starter "went out"? An electrical part, or a mechanical part?

In answer: it's highly unlikely.

Not likely u might have had bad starter before the installation
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Hi of course not that is due to wear on the starter. why must it be related.

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