I just got my liscence can i still drive while i'm in the process of being put on my parents insurance or should i wait until i'm on it?

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Nayana: Most all major automotive insurance providers will require that you be added to your parent's coverage policy on their vehicles for you to be covered as well. Would they still honor a claim should an accident happen prior to you doing so? Maybe, and probably, but why risk it. Your parents can have you added to their vehicle policy immediate should they wish. All it takes is a simple 10 minute phone call.

Other answer:

If you aren't insured to drive that particular car, and you crash it, what happens?

Insurance company says "Sorry, we don't have to pay out".

Getting you added to the car's cover is a routine thing and should only take a phone call with your licence details.

It should only take a phone call and a few minutes time to get listed on your parent's insurance policy. Ask your mommy.
You are in too big of a hurry and risk having an accident that your insurance company might not pay for.
Chris P:
Take a **** in your parents car
Marie K:
best to be on it

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