I lost $350 on a Metro train on Wednesday, how do I get it back?

I'm 15 and I was on the train with my school going to a camp in Melbourne and i left my wallet in the train, probably under the seat. Is there anyway i can get my money back if they cant find it

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It's GONE…

(Funnily enough, $350 is the standard fine for making offensive jokes about "starving Ethiopians"….)

You'll never see that money again.

Karma's a *****, ain't it?

Contact the lost property office (all rail companies have them) and ask if the wallet was handed in. You might be lucky – it could have been spotted by an honest person.
You work for 350$ again.
Unless a honest citizen turned it in to the lost and found, you probably won't, sorry
Sorry for it. You money not named your name so sorry, just forget it.