I m going to buy an old bmw car..?

I m going to buy an old bmw car and i have only three options to go..
1. BMW E36 320i 1991
2. BMW E36 318i 1993
3. BMW E38 730i 1994

What should i choose?
I m 22 and i like fast stuff.. 😉

Other answer:

BMW E38 730 but its not economy class car
Buy the one in the best shape.Have you done any research into how expensive they are to repair? If not you might want to do that. BMW's that old can break you when you have to repair them.
The e36's are relatively cheap to maintain but not too fast. The e38 is going to have much better interior and in my opinion styling but not be much faster.
I thought you wanted a fast car. None of those qualify.
Raymond L.:
all of those options suck, bmw are expensive to fix
salad torture:
the 730i is decent, but heavy. the 320i is not an e36, 1991 is the e30 chassis. all of them are pretty slow.

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