I m looking for a car that I can use to haul my friends around, and if I need to at other times carry my drum set without looking like a mom?

I am looking for something used. The International Harvester Scout II is a dream car to give you a perspective of my taste, although those are too old. On the off chance that there is some cool under the radar car brand that makes cars like this please tell me.

Best Answer:

ty.ifamily: A 80s-90s Bronco or Blazer, both would make great vehicles. My sister has a Bronco, fun to drive and plenty of room for people and storage(she uses it to transport her 2 big dogs). Plus the tops are removable(well, not the later model Blazers), so you can get that open air effect when you want to.

Or if looking for something newer than that, maybe something like a Chevy Avalanche. Has room for 5-6(depending on year, some had 3 seats up front while others had a center console and only 2 seats) and a truck bed, but the rear seats also fold down and the divider between the bed and cabin folds down and gives you a lot of extra space. Plus the bed is covered with hard panels, so nothing left in the bed is out in the open(not thief or weather accessible). I've got a 2007 Avalanche and I love it, very versatile, and definitely doesn't look like a mom vehicle.

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Land Rover has made some rather esoteric vehicles over the years — like the ones you see in jungle safari movies and videos.
It would help if you gave an idea as to what your budget is. Do you have $1000 or 20,000? Makes a big difference.

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