I need help to choose one of these cars, my budget is $46K and i m single and my foot heavy on the gas pedal.?

1 – 2015 Dodge Durango 2015 Limited or R/T

2 – 2015 GMC Sierra SLT Z71

3 – 2015 Dodge Charger 2015 R/T or SRT

4 – 2015 Cadillac CTS

Other answer:

brand new 2015 Subaru WRX's, sedan (cheaper insurance + easy in and out for friends and whoever) super good gas mileage, 21/28 mpg, considering manuals are hitting 4.8 second 0-60. Subaru's AWD and suspension system is like bar none, handling will be 10x better than any car you mentioned, and you'll save yourself a lot of money not even coming close to 46k. Use the extra money to make it even faster, lift it an inch and put full rally guards underneath and rally shocks on and you can jump that car a foot in the air going 140 hahaha
sour face:
How about

2016 acura mdx? maybe rdx ?
2-14 honda accord plug in ?
benz cla class coup ?

look there are so many better options than all the garbage that you listed, dont waste you 42k

Zaphod Beeblebrox:
Give $40,000 to charity and buy yourself a used Honda Civic. If that doesn't appeal to you, do you know that you could learn to fly and purchase a decent used airplane for less than that?
I would avoid anything Dodge — too unreliable.
Its Sir To You:
Non of them, they are all yank crap