I own a 2006 Honda Element with over 20035 thousand mles?

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Paul + Sally:
You have asked no question. You have a Honda Element, one of the last great Hondas before they lost every last one of their marbles. But, "20035 thousand mles" is rather confusing to how many miles your vehicle actually has. Now, Honda reliability is the most overrated thing since John Lennon was shot, so if your car breaks (transmission failures are common) it is probably not worth the cost to fix.
20,035 thousand miles – wow! That's 20,035,000 miles, I've never heard of any car going over 20 million miles – that's very impressive. Let Honda know, they might want to do a study, it has to be a record.
Paul + Sally:
was called away,origenal engine etc.my mechanic says (if it aint broke he dont fix it)I like that statement,but my car has as I said over 200 Thousand miles i am beginning to wonder if I should at least flush out the radiator ,with some coke etc any sugestions,or should I leave well enough alone threw this winter
Darumu J:
You had better buy new one.

Old Honda would costs you too much.

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