I own a Lexus is250 F-Sport and my dealership wants $1200 for all four brakes replacement, that sounds way too much! and $1400 for tires?

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Either you do it yourself, or you get an independent shop to do it for less. Don't let the dealer tell you you have a "Luxury" car and other nonsense. You do not own a Lexus LFA. Your car is a Toyota Camry with an obnoxious front grille and a fluffy interior. It is illegal for a dealer to deny a warranty because you used an independent mechanic, UNLESS they can prove that they were responsible for a problem. Tires can be changed anywhere, you'd be an idiot to get that done at the dealershit. Don't listen to the salesman, he is just working for his box of Rogaine. You may want to use the dealershit if you have warranty work, or very complicated drivetrain issues, but for brakes and tires… Lol.
Timbo is here:
Had 2 rear callipers replaced recently on a GS300 in the Uk and it cost £408 – about £500
Brakes are made up from 3 main components – pads. rotors/discs and callipers.
You do not say what part you have been given a price on?
As for tyres then a Lexus dealer is not going to be able to compete on price with a tyre specialist and you would be wise to check elsewhere.
Why would you go to the Lexus dealership for brakes and tires? The Lexus dealer will charge you nearly double of what you would have to pay at a top quality independent automotive center.
Sounds about correct, about $1,000 per axle for Range Rovers. You buy the higher end crap, it costs more for upkeep or you can settle for the lower end crap that will more then likely create brake noises & save a few bucks
Ill do your brakes for $400.
J E T H R O:
You buy those overpriced luxury Toyotas and then complain because the maintenance and upkeep is so high. Just shut up and pay it you …picked the POS so you could look kool . …Now just go look kool while your paying the bill.
Wait, the dealership is overcharging you? Stop the presses!!!