I passed a speed sign that show you your speed limit ?

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Carl: The lights are green if you are at or below the speed limit, yellow if you are one to five mph over, and red if you are six or more mph over the limit

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To make a long story short i was going by a sign today i looked and i was going 45 the car in front of me was flying by it at hte same speed the lights flashed in were the car was red what do these red lights mean. I looked to see if it was a speed carma but cant find any info this was on the highway in niagrea falls . my question is what or why did those lights flash red? btw the speed limit was 40 mph
I don't know where you live.

In my area, those systems are portable, and used to "educate" drivers that they are going too fast. They don't take pictures for speeding tickets.

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