I replaced my alternator because the battery light kept coming on and off but now it comes on less but it blinks super fast.?

I have a 2004 ford escape. What's wrong with my car?

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don r:
Weak battery or blown out light bulb somewhere. Before they sell you a new alternator, make certain your charging system fuse isn't blown out.
Get the codes read. Stop trying to guess. It's free at most auto parts store chains.
News flash, when lights on the dash appear, itindicates a code. That code says what the light is about. It may not have been the alternator. Have the code checked o see what the car is telling you.
Dances with Cats:
How old it the battery? A bad battery can kill an alternator. Batteries usually last about 5 years. Is the belt good and tight? Does the belt squeal / slip? Does the light blink at speed or only at idle? Is the Check Engine light on? Are the electrical connections to the battery and alternator clean or are they corroded and loose?

These are all things that you need to check.

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