I wanna make my 07 Silverado 5.3 louder but I don t want to replace the muffler is there any exhaust tips that will help it sound deeper?

Other answer:

. What good are the tips if the muffler is doing it's job and muffling the exhaust noise?! The tips are just ornaments! That's why they call them mufflers!
Drill small hole like an 8th inch hole on two opposite sides of the tail pipe and run a piano wire or guitar string through the holes and run a small self tapper screw next to each hole and loop one end of the wire around the screw and Finnish tightening the screw to hold that end of the wire then pull and stretch the other end of the wire and loop it around the other screw and Finnish tightening that screw then start it up and see what it sounds like now (I hope you don't get a ticket…)
Spend the money and put a flow master on it. Nothing else you can do.
Pilsner Man:
That s funny. No, tips won t do a damn thing.