I want to build a cafe racer but i have zero experience?

i dont know anything about building motorcycles butr i have a neighbor who does, is there any advice i can get from any of you guys here on yahoo answers?
perhaps maybe what i should look out for? what to do when to do it? how much i should invest in?

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There are companies that make cafe racer stuff for certain models of bikes. You can get individual pieces like clip-on handlebars, 'racing' tanks, really flat, uncomfortable looking seats, etc. Or you can get a whole kit that transforms a bike into a cafe racer.

Well, at least it LOOKS like a cafe racer. It's really just a style after all. I mean, if you just wanted to go fast, you'd get an R6 or something.

I can't recommend any links or anything but you might try searching for 'cafe racer kit' on YouTube.

These things don't take great skills. Everything just bolts together.

Be realistic about your ability and how much time your neighbour can spare on your project before he loses interest and leaves you with a half finished box of bits. If you don't know how to build a bike go out and buy one. Many retro café style bikes on the market.
There is a magazine called CAFE RACER ..
should be a lot of help.
those bikes are more or less a style that came into vogue in England [Europe too?] I look at pics and it doesnt seem very hard to achieve the look. Are you at least mechanically inclines? Comfortable with a wrench in your hand? If so then its not going to be difficult.
depends on how far you want to go. Simply replacing the headlight, indicators & mirrors with smaller tucked in items, fitting lower shorter handlebars & changing the muffler/s will be a start. (You'll need to rejet the carby if you swap the muffler for a more free breathing (ie louder) one.
DR + Mrs Bears face:
HI it is the experience that is needed to know exactly what is needed. as motorcycles like cars have advanced by leaps and huge jumps in the last 40 years. items like fuel injection and electronic ignition systems.
Do you want to go the 'Classic' route – Triton,Norumph,Vinton etc.
Or more modern,with a Ducati or Jap engine?
Tim D:

If you can hold a spanner you should be able to fit a kit. At least if you do it yourself and ask your neighbour for advice you will be gaining experience.

Yes, don't fork over too much money to your neighbor.

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