I want to sell something that is worth 10 dollars for 10 million dollars. Where can i find a sucker that rich?

Other answer:

It takes more than a sucker, it takes you doing a really exceptional sales job, which probably means you'd be able to sell just about anything to anyone. The real issue is do you have something so unique, that the person can't get anywhere else, that they've just gotta have, and everyone else probably wants also? If they can get it somewhere else, they will probably do their homework and see if they can get it or something like it elsewhere for less money. They didn't get their money by being foolish, and they usually hold onto it by being smart, not usually that dumb. Just think about it.

If you can find something that people want, but can't get anywhere else – you're able to introduce it, or get an exclusive right to distribute it someplace, you can make a lot of money … Don't expect to take advantage of people in order to get ahead. In the end, it will come back and haunt you if they find out.

What if the competition finds you first?
Try ebay.
Sell it to a troll, they are not very smart. cheers.
boy boy:
look in the mirror!!