I want to switch the drivers side?

Is it possible to switch a left hand drive to a right hand drive as I want to buy a crown victoria police car but I live in the UK and it has right hand drive.

Other answer:

Converting the LHD Crown Victoria to RHD will be almost impossible because Ford never designed that car to have the steering and controls on the right. Driving and parking such a big LHD American car on the left in the UK would be hard as well, and expensive to insure and fuel. Best to buy an old RHD British, Australian or Japanese police car instead.
Skoda John:
Very hard with a car that has never been done in RHD as parts are not available.
Things like dashboards are the killers as they are hard to get made.
LHD us legal and easy to register in the UK.
A Crown Vic is a big thirsty barge.
Chris P:
Yes it is possible, but it could easily cost more than the car is worth.

You can legally drive and register left-hand drive cars in the UK, as long as you adjust the headlights to point to the left. (and move or fit additional rear fog-lights in the correct location).

Jay P:
It can be done but would cost far more than the car is worth.