I want truck for my first car! What are some Pros and Cons of a truck?

I want a dodge, ford, or chevy truck! What are some good and bads about owning a truck? I know it's safer, that's a main reason I want a truck! LEAVE YOUR OPINIONS FOR ME ON THE TOPIC AND WHAT I SHOULD GET!

Other answer:

If you buy a used refrigerator or couch, you have no problem bringing it home. It is great if you have projects around your home to bring supplies or haul off debris. Even if it is only twice a year that you do these things, it is still worth having a truck.

There is not a lot of seating unless you get a truck with an extended cab. Some trucks drive awful in snow. You have to put 200-500 pounds of whatever in the bed of the truck so the back end doesn't slide all over the place because it is so light.

I like my S10. It is the perfect size for me, although the wimpy little 2.2L engine lacks the power to tow anything. It is a handy thousand dollar beater that isn't falling apart and can carry drywall, plywood, bricks, mulch, and anything else I need for various projects around the house. I wouldn't want a larger truck because they are not as easy to park on tight streets.

What don't I like about my truck? There is no "hidden" storage for valuables, such as a laptop bag. The cabin is spacious enough for two people, but lacks the room for a suitcase or anything else despite being an extended cab. If you intend on having a truck as your only vehicle, get one with four doors – you will appreciate the extra cabin space. The truck is realistically a tin can bolted to a frame. I really don't want to get in an accident, small trucks aren't exactly the safest vehicles on the road.

I would not want a truck as my only vehicle, but I love having one as a second vehicle.

Ian K:

Can be used for work to make money hauling.


Less safe in an accident.
Poor mileage.
Poor handling.

You can tow more easily.
They are more durable.
They may have more powerful engines.

They have very low gas mileage (I assume you're young and may be in college soon?)
They can be more difficult to drive, especially if you learned to drive a car.

Dodge stinks, Chevy is best. Diesel.