I was in a car accident as the passenger and was seriously injured. I am under my wifes car insurance. are they going to cover any med bills?

My father in law was the driver and we wee in his car when he ran into a tree that fractured my femur bone. My med bills exceeds his policy limits so, I was trying to see if me being under my wifes car insurance will help my case.

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And the idea of asking your wife's insurance provider is just too complicated for you or something?

Believe it or not, there are no international laws governing which insurance companies must cover who for what after an accident. Those laws are all jurisdictional, and very dependent on the coverage that was purchased in each contract.

That's a serious injury, and if you are already above the policy limits of the car owner-driver, then you will need to go to your own medical insurance for the rest. The brutal option is to sue your father in law and have his legal liability insurance cover your claim, but that whole business would ruin family relations for years. Try to take care of the bills yourself, unless he offers to pay for your care, or if he's a schmuck who you never want to see friendly again.
You have asked this question numerous times.

Did father in law have med pay or PIP on his policy? If so, would pay the medical bills up to the limits of the policy.

Does your wife have med pay or PIP on her auto policy? If so, would pay for the medical bills up to the limits of her policy.

Do you have health insurance, if so, then after med pay or PIP is exhausted, then health insurance would then be secondary.

Unknown what state you live in and how medical bills and subrogation laws are in your mystery state. You need to talk to father in laws insurance, your wife's insurance to determine what pays what? Does your wife have UNDER INSURANCE BODILY INJURY, and if so, what are the limits of the under insurance?

Father in law has $25,000 limits and your medical bills are over $100,000, so you need insurance to explain if they pay or are YOU on the hook for your medical bills

Unless father in law is rich, (unlikely) since he only has $25,000 in limits, that is all you will get to pay back for the medical treatment you received.

Skoda John:
And the US still is against state funded medical treatment.
Here in the UK it would be treated with no worry about bills.
We also have insurance limits running into millions.
Your own medical insurance will pay your bills. Car insurance doesn't pay medical bills unless your are at fault and injure someone in another car. In that case, it pays THEIR bills but not yours.
Gary B:
call HER insurance agent and ask.

But sicne it was HIS car and he was driving, probabl,y NO they will not.