If a car accident happens and only the cars are damaged, do you stop your car there or get off the road first?

If only the cars are damaged (no one injured) are you supposed to stop right when it happens and call the police, exchange info, etc?

Or are you supposed to find a place off the road. It might seem like a hit and run if you just keep driving if there's no space nearby.

Other answer:

In most cases you move the cars off the road. If you can take some pictures of where the cars sat while they are still there, that may help. Otherwise get them out of the road before something bad happens. Exceptions include injury accidents and fatalities, or if fuel or chemical spills make the roadway itself hazardous.

By the way, if you stop to assist at a serious accident, park at least 50 feet away to prevent your car becoming part of the possible crime scene. A friend nearly learned that the hard way.

The best answer is it depends.
If you are in fast moving traffic you need to pull off the road onto a shoulder as quickly and safely as possible. Turn on your emergency blinkers to warn traffic and the other driver that you realize what happened and are moving to a safe location.
Call the police immediately, report your location and the license plate of the other vehicle and wait in your vehicle because these days some bad people will tap your rear bumper to make you pull over and then steal and or hurt you.
If on a non busy road you could call police, get out take pictures of the car positions and location then pull over to the side of the road and wait for police or exchange insurance info with the other driver else just wait for the police to come and assist in the process.
Leave it where you ended up in the road. If you move the car chances are the other person is going to screw you! I had a woman that told me she was sorry when she ran a stop sign coming out of a parking lot, said it was all her fault and so we pulled the cars off the road back into the parking lot to get out of traffic. A friend of hers shows up and the next thing you know they're telling the cop I cut the corner too sharp and hit her while she was sitting at the stop sign. Dirty rotten B*I*T*C*H!!..
Depends how dangerous it would be to stop. On a busy road I would pull over as soon I could do it safely. In UK you are obliged to give the other driver enough info so they can pursue an insurance claim.
It's good to take pictures or get witnesses as evidence if you are not at fault.
A lot of drivers now have a dashboard camera so they can use footage in evidence, especially if the other driver leaves the scene, there's a good chance you will record their licence plate.
Dan B:
On busy freeways, I've seen signs that state you are to move the vehicles off the roadway (if movable) and exchange information if there are no injuries and file a telephone police report.. Otherwise, leave everything as is. The important thing is to file a police report to protect yourself from insurance fraud.
Lisa Morton:
The minute the cops show up, if there are no injuries, they will have you move the vehicles (assuming they are able to move). Take a few pictures of the accident and then move your cars over, safer for everyone. This assumes fender-benders only!!!
You think you just stop right in the middle of the road? And wait for someone to crash into you. Move to a safe position.
In all accident you should clear the road as soon as possible.
If it's a fender bender get of the road especially highways. If one or more of the vehicles is undrivable leave them where they are , if you've got flares or other markers , use them.
In all accident you should clear the road as soon as possible.