If Bernie can deliver "free" education doesn't if follow that he can deliver free food and free housing too ???

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Lillian: This shows how shallow and stupid his brainwashed young idiots are, and for certain how the voting age must be raised. And for certain why the Commie universities need to be closed down. The man called "Bernie" is a disgusting disgrace to America and to the human race, and the only slightly worse person is Hillary Rodham Clinton.

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As a UK resident I am interested in the US debate over 'socialism' that has ruined most of our country. Nothing , but nothing ( except air) is free. Everything has to be earned by work or selling resources obtained out the ground. The more you give away the more someone else has to work and they will soon get fed up with that and move to a better country, or in a democratic state, vote a different party in.
I always assumed the US had two right wing parties but one was a little less right wing. No I am not so sure.
Don't most liberals already get free housing and free food? I think liberals have to finish H.School first- which half don't. Its so manipulative to claim FREE College like Bernie does. Its just like Starbucks, who claim they will pay for college after 3 years working there, but you have to pay for it first and we will reinburse you? No worker at Starbucks can save anything making 8 dollars an hour! Its a SCAM, same thing and same party- Starbucks in the tank for Dems.
Mercedes Williams:
Gonna be honest, I am a young democrat but Bernie should really reconsider that "free" thing. If college is "free", its going to be a lot harder to get into, right? So why not make college cheaper? Everyone deserves a chance at education, but I really don't think college should be free.
If you actually read his platform you would understand that nothing is going to be "free". We are going to make the top 1% pay their fair share in taxes. That's going to pay for this free education that has you guys so scared. Anyone making under 250,000/Yr will not see an increase in their taxes. Soo scary
No, it doesn't follow.
Perhaps the money people save by not having to pay for a college education would be enough for them to buy their own food and housing.
ღღ Loverليمون ღღ Habiba:
Come on…don't be stupid. If he provide everything for free then what is the purpose of your life as citizen of a nation. Just to eat & sleep?
He never said it'd be free.
Justin Thyme:
Why not have everything free? Lol. Someones going to have to pay and we`re over taxed now.
Love big words:
I'm hoping for a pony.

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