If I buy a car from another state, how should I legally drive it home and register it the day after? How to drive with no plates on?

I live in NY. car is in Penn

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AlternativeFacts: Temporary License which is a sticker on the back window covers you from point A to B direct route.(not the scenic route) So from the Lot in one state to your home address is A to B. That license is now finished…and insurance is no longer valid. The car is registered where you bought it from. Registration is proof YOU own the car to put a license(even a Temp.License must see the registration before they issue you a Sticker)
. So you buy the car and the registration papers are given to you by the seller…transferring the ownership to you. Your Temp.License acknowledges that you are the owner and also includes a basic insurance.
. You get the car home and park it. Then walk or bus to the nearest insurance company with all the paperwork. They can sort it out from there. They redo much of the paperwork, but now they give you the metal plates and charge you the insurance cost your age group is at.
You pull out the wallet full of cash and pay for it…to get it. Otherwise your car purchase is a "Lawn Ornament".
. It cannot legally be parked on the road without plates – it "Has to be in your yard". The road in front of your house is not yours. It is a public road, patrolled by police.
. Buying multiple Temp.Licenses costs more than getting the car insured and plated…so don't go there as it is not worth it.

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Just get a "transport" license sometimes called a "temporary plate" from the DMV in the state where you are buying the car. Make certain it is insured before you get the permit. When you get home, go to your DMV and get everything you need, Title, plates, etc.
You shouldn't drive it, and you can't legally drive it. You should leave it where it was when you bought it, get insurance and temporary plates, put the temporary plates on it, and then drive it home with the temporary plates on it.
Weekend? Bill of sale and proof of insurance. Weekday see about a temp3 day tag from state of sale.
Mah Jen Boo:
you have like a 2 to 3 day grace period to get your car register. just make sure you have the bill of sale on you and make sure the car has been added to your insurance.
Temp plates duh

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