If I buy a greyhound ticket, how many of those buses do I have to ride?

I never done this before. Just wondering for those who know about it?

Other answer:

I believe you can get that information on Greyhound's web site. You plug in your destination and it'll tell the cost of the ticket and how many transfers you will have, and where those transfers will occur as well as the layover times.
Depends on where you're going. If it's a lengthy trip you'll very likely have to change buses several times. When you purchase your ticket you'll know every stop you make and whether you'll change buses there or not.
Steven S:
This would depend on your point of departure and your destination. They can tell you exactly how many transfers you will be making. Give them a call.
Angela D:
depends on how many times you need to change from one bus route to another.
All of them.