If one has a lighter than aircraft, which aircraft is it lighter than?

Ive seen that old blimps are called lighter than aircraft but lighter than which aircraft back then?

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vic: The major lack here is the hyphen. Unfortunately the people who attempt to set standards for written English, the MLA, decided long ago that the hyphen should be abolished.

Here is the correct phrase: "lighter-than-air craft"

The hyphens indicate a compound adjective.

Even if your school provided a poor education in writing, it is still possible to learn how to adhere to good standards. What you need to do is to copy the writing of people from a hundred years ago or more, before the MLA came into existence. Study and then reject the experimental style found in Time Magazine around 1935: "Backward ran sentences until reeled the mind." Look up Wolcott Gibbs for more info on that episode.

When I say copy, I mean write out, in longhand, entire chapters of well-written books. "But nobody does that. Not any more." Right, and that's why so few learn to write well.

Observe the adjective "well-written" with its hyphen.

Until you have attained a solid command of written English you should expect difficulties in communicating with others. Or, as in the current example, difficulties communicating with yourself.

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Lighter. Than. Air. Like a balloon. Are you trying to make an April's Fool joke, or did you really not understand the difference?
Remember when they taught you grammar at skool? I thought not.
A blimp is a lighter than air craft. Not a lighter than aircraft. Who'd have thought such a small space could make such a big difference to your life. Now please pay attention in future. Unlike your skool teacher I'm not getting paid to educate you, I'm doing it for love and karma, OK?
Zaphod Beeblebrox:
Linguistically, it's a "Lighter than air craft", not "Lighter than aircraft". In other words, it is a craft that is lighter than air
What on earth are you on about – make it pop – you aren't providing enough information on aircraft to recieve a valuable answer
Robert S:
And people like this get by in life. *rolls eyes*
What you wrote makes no sense.

Please rewrite using correct English, and explain what you are trying to find out.

the only joke here, is OP's failure at spelling/grammar