If someone were to lie down flat between railway tracks(Indian) , would they survive a train running over?

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Raktim: Like North America, railway locomotives and multiple-unit trains in India have a 'pilot' (cowcatcher) across the width of the tracks and only two or three inches above. This would almost certainly smear you along the sleepers unless you were very slim indeed. If this didn't get you, there are plenty of other low-slung parts that will – brake rigging, traction motors, couplings, compressors etc.

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Way back London Underground staff were told, if trapped in a tunnel, lie down and face your head towards the oncoming train. This way your clothes are unlikely to get you dragged. Survival is unlikely, although two track workers did survive near Holborn on the Piccadilly Line back in the 70's.
I have never been in your area of interest. But, if a passenger train is running 120 Kph, I think the draft might lift you up into it, maybe. Then Freight trains always have a hose coupling either dragging the sleepers or almost dragging. Chances of surviving an experiment like that would be not more than 1% in my opinion.
Rona Lachat:
A High speed train can suck you up and smear you along the bottom of the train.

You might survive.You might be extremely injured. You probably would be dead. Now why do you want the train driver to live with the horror of knowing they have run you over? The have to live with the site of your parts stuck to parts of the train.

You might….. just MIGHT be able to survive it if the train in question was an Indian Broad gauge (I think they still use broad gauge trains in India)…. but I wouldn't bet on it.
It's happened, so it's possible.
Odds are they would not, how many wheels would hit them and at that high speed, no death would likely be the result.
It's been done, but depends on the clearance.
They would most certainly just die from the crash unless you were of quite a slim build.
Most likely but they could be injured. I hope you are not considering this.

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