If you recieve a certificate from a diving school do you have to take the road test at the dmv?

If i sign up for driving classes, once i complete the classes and receive the certificate of completion do i still need to take the road test at the DMV? or does that count as credit towards that already and i just show them the certificate and get my license? i live in florida if that makes a difference or not.
If you receive a certificate from a DRIVING school do you have to take the road test at the dmv?

Best Answer:

liltsouljagirl2: Yes, you have to take a road test in EVERY State, whether or not you've taken driver ed, attended a private driving school, something else.

A road test in the presence of a STATE-RECOGNIZED DRIVING INSTRUCTOR EMPLOYED BY THE STATE is required in every State.

(I trust you mean driving and not diving.)

Other answer:

Yes, of course you do. The certificate simply is acknowledgement that you have passed the diving school course. You will now have to take both the written and behind the wheel exams at your local area DMV offices.
you still have to do the road course driving school only gets you ready for you road course at the dmv
You have to take their road test also no matter what.
Yeah, You still have to take the road test, Kids…LOL.

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