If you want to turn right on a red light, what must you do first?

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Stop, behind the limit line or crosswalk. Check to see if there are no pedestrians or cars coming. If its safe, make the turn.

Of course, if there is a red arrow or a No Turn on Red Sign, you cannot make a turn on a red light. There are also some states where it is illegal to make a right turn on a red light.

Have your signal to turn on and stop at the red light like you're supposed to. If there is no sign stating no right turn on red, look to see that there is no oncoming traffic and, if there isn't, turn.
I'm a bit worried about you out there driving and you needed to ask this question.
If you want to turn in any direction, with or without a light, the first thing you do is to signal.
Dan B:
Signal your intention.
Come to a complete stop.
Check for signs that prohibit a right on red. In NYC, you have to check to see if a sign PERMITS a right on red. No permissive sign = no right on red.
Check to see if it is safe to make the turn (no cars approaching the intersection, no pedestrians in the crosswalks).
Make your turn.
Only in Massachusetts: The right lane is full. No way you can turn right from it, Instead, pull to the left, into the lane for the oncoming traffic. Do not signal anything at all. (What are you? Chicken or something?) At the first available instant pull boldly out, crossing in front of the other cars before they start to move, and make your right turn.
Obi Wan Knievel:
The first thing you do is signal your intent. The other first thing you do is make sure you come to a complete stop. Many many people forget both of those things.
Stop an look to see if no cars are coming. Only turn if there are no vehicles approaching.
Is this some kind of test for us folks that have driving for decades or is this a test you're taking online and haven't studied for?
Scott H:
Come to a complete stop and yield to traffic in that lane until it is safe to start your turn.

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