If you were the captain of the Titanic; would you have gone down with the ship?

Could you live with yourself knowing that your attempt to impress caused the death of so many men, women and children?

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It is most difficult to consider what one would have done at that time as a professional Master Mariner in todays modern day with all our sophisticated equipment..

To me applying a great deal of hind sight I would ask my self :- would I have sailed knowing that the life saving equipment ie the life boat capacity had been reduced. The answer that I would come up with is that I would not have done so. I would also clarify that by saying hat todays rules etc are not the same as in 1912.

My second question that I would ask myself is would I have proceed at the speed the Titanic was going at when it struck the ice berg. Once again the answer has to be that from lessons leaned and from experience the answer is no I would not.

I will address your mail question would I have gone down with the ship, No I would not. Rhis is a Victorian myth which j[has bee amplified by Hollywood. What we do is our best to save and protect our passengers , ship and crew, but at the end of the day not at the futile expense of our own lifes.

First of all captain of the Titanic is very little to be blamed. And yes, for the honor everyone would have done same as he did and drown, but if you ask me i don't see anything bad if captain evacuate from sinking ship despite death of other passengers. He should have gone to trial and judged correctly.
I wouldn't have had much of a choice because very few crewmen were allowed in the boats and as the guy in charge I would have needed to stay on board as long as I could.
Everyone knows it's the cook who is supposed to go down with the ship….
Not if I could help it. But I'd also try to arrange a more orderly, less panicked disembarkation, freeing up more room in more lifeboats (many were launched with well under the number of people they were rated to carry inside, for one reason or another 🙁 ).
Maritime law says that the captain MUST go down with a ship. Besides, he did. This disaster was difficult to avoid.
naw i wouldve swam to shore….d'oh!
I sincerely hope so.