Ihave a US driving license expired on my birthday june 20, 2016. how can I get a Uk driving license?

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Teresa Wilson:
It's a 2 step process.

1. Become a resident of the UK and able to show that.
2. Follow the law to get a UK drivers license.

You didn't have a US license as there is no such thing. You had a state of __________ license, which is now expired.

Chris P:
Assuming you're 17 or older; and a permanent resident in the UK.
You apply for a UK provisional driving licence.
Then complete and pass the Driving Theory and Hazard Perception Tests.
Then complete and pass a Practical Driving Test.
Then apply for a full UK driving licence.

BTW. The US doesn't issue driving licences – the individual states do; this is one of the reasons you can't directly exchange a US licence for a UK one.

No, you DO NOT have a "US" driving license. The "US" DOES NOT issue driving licenses.

If you are LEGALLY in the UK and LEGAL to drive, then you can apply for a driving license there just like anyone else who wants one. I suggest you go find out what the rules are where you live.

DR + Mrs Bears face:
Hi Not without taking a british driving test which means you need to do the theory test first which is CBT computer based training.